Selecting a Reader

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

if you don’t know anything about the title of this post or blog, we have a problem. go look them up. after that, we can talk. in the meantime, let me start with a little about me.

i’m a photography major. i’m an arabic minor. i live, for the most part, in new york city. i’m spending my summer at home in northern california. i’m studying at the american university in cairo in the fall. i’m declaring a vow of celibacy until i find it unnecessary. i have an internship that i love to bitch about but actually enjoy to some extent. i’m working on this self portraiture project i never thought i would do in a million years.

this will all be in the “about me” section eventually. now go look these things up.


One Response to Selecting a Reader

  1. […] Free: BFA Thesis Exhibition So this self-portraiture project I’ve been working on since before I started this blog is finally coming to an end. (Sort of.) It will hang in all its glory in less than a month. […]

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