I disconnect the telephone

Hello again, ladies and germs.

It’s getting to that time of year. That time of year when we look back at pictures, visit our bars and places “for old times sake,” exchange summer plans, finish our finals, scramble for last minute housing, and generally say our goodbyes in one way or another. As stressful as this time can be, I find it refreshing. Why? Because this is my time for evaluation. But not just any evaluation, mind you. This is the time for friendship evaluations.

That’s right, friendships. I take this time to decide who is worth keeping, and whom I’m better off without. During the summer I will be 3,000 miles away from most of my friends, and I can’t possibly maintain good relations with everyone. As a result of this process, my inner bitch reveals herself and I have to tell you…I love her.

She does things I only dream of doing. She throws people away like a sad pair of panties. She marches over people like they’re her red carpet entrance. She tells people off like she’s got nothing to lose. I don’t have anything to lose. The only thing I have to lose are my good friends, but I hold onto them like my life depends on it.

I wish I could be like this all year. I wish I could always keep the important things and throw away the rest. I have this problem of not letting people go, and I wish I didn’t hold on to people who bring me down. Because they suck. And they have no purpose in my life. But I guess I’m always hoping that those people will surprise me and be worthwhile.


One Response to I disconnect the telephone

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