Sleeping is Easy

I just watched Untraceable. Plot: Creepy guy streams live footage of the people he slowly murders. The murder is facilitated by how many viewers hit the website. Diane Lane tries to catch him. And is kind of bad ass. Good thriller if you’re interested.

It’s really disgusting to watch. People visit a website to watch someone die. And after each murder, the hit rate increases faster for the next. Of course, the audience watching the movie is disgusted. I wonder if people who watched this feel just as disgusted by the pictures they look at in newspapers and online. Maybe they don’t feel bad looking at still images. It’s not the same they may say to themselves.

Sometimes I wonder: is it worse being the photographer or the audience? Or are they both equal crimes?


One Response to Sleeping is Easy

  1. Jesse says:

    Its worse to be the photographer who takes naked pictures of themselves. Oh wait… awkward…

    I’m not serious enough to post on your blog.

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