Now See How You Are

So I’ve finally got some time on my hands. That doesn’t seem to happen too often around here. Actually, that’s a lie. Time is of no concern here (surprise, surprise). And quite frankly, I’m getting used to it pretty quickly. My watch died right before I arrived in Cairo, and I think it was a sign. At first I was annoyed, but soon enough I’ve stopped looking at my watch, guestimating the time, and hoping for the best.

Cairo is beautiful in one of those broken down kind of ways. Photographers seem to be drawn to apparent wastelands and abandoned buildings, places that appear to be in some sort of limbo. It’s so beautiful. I’ve been dying to take pictures, but I’m trying not to photograph everything within my first week or so. I want to see it and experience it before I can decide how to make it my own. So believe me, pictures are on their way. I promise.


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