Right As Rain

Today is the first day of Ramadan. I’m so excited for this whole month.

Yesterday I went to the Egyptian Museum. It was weird. The artifacts didn’t seem real. It was much less organized than any museum we have in the states. You could touch pretty much everything. The labels haven’t been changed for at least 60 years. Things are still in crates. I couldn’t decide whether or not I loved it.

It was also strange to see these things taken out of context. Pieces of walls and tombs have been chiseled off and put on display. Mummies have been taken out of their sarcophagi and put in glass cases. It’s a debate I have with myself all the time: should artifacts be left as they are, where they are, or should they be as accessible as possible? This is why photography is so important to cultural development and education. Without photography there would be no progress.

So maybe my major does have a purpose.


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