Walking The Long And Lonely Mile

Had my first physical sexual harrassment this evening. Hooray! Welcome to Cairo! </sarcasm>

But honestly, I do love Egypt. More often than not, people are very welcoming and nice and helpful, moreso than anywhere else I can remember. My friends and I were invited off the street to have Iftar with some people. Later we found out that someone just had a baby. They fed us and then invited us into their restaurant/sheesha cafe to wash our hands and have tea and sheesha. All of it was free. I can’t think of anywhere in the states where that would happen. We were five foreign strangers who they invited to their meal, assuming and knowing that we were good people.

In other news, classes started. Not as eventful. The campus is totally new, so no one knows where they’re going, and no one can give correct instructions or directions. It’s pretty, but it’s also in the middle of nowhere. I don’t like that.

I am smelly and sweaty.


One Response to Walking The Long And Lonely Mile

  1. Jesse says:

    No one sexually harasses me anymore… Now that you’re gone. .

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