California Girl

So I’ve had this really crazy epiphany/realization – I will probably be living in NYC much longer than I expected.

My internships will be there. My connections will be there. My friends are there. My boyfriend will probably be there. My life has kind of been established there. I’m happy with pretty much everything except the city itself. So I guess I’ll be there for a while. I guess it’s not so bad. I mean, I’m pretty excited to get back there.

But really, why would you live in NYC when you can live in California? I will be back eventually. Mark my words…


2 Responses to California Girl

  1. JesseJack says:

    Um… New York is so much better, be glad you get to live here with cool people like Thaddeus, Liam and I.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I went to NY for the first time this month. I didn’t like it at all. I finally got to meet my best friend of 9 years that was a plus. But the city itself. Yuck. I grew up in a town of 5000 people. That’s it. We wasn’t even thought of a town but a village. lol

    It is funny how life comes about. Where you end up? Isn’t it? lol

    BTW, you ever want a host again. Let me know. I have a reseller account and have tons of space.

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