Got Your Sunglasses On Baby

My bosses today were discussing the press release about the film festival, and how it’s different from all the other human rights main stream films, like Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond. One of them said “I mean, Blood Diamond was good, but it’s not going to make people change or anything.”

I feel like that’s not fair to say. To start, because of Blood Diamond, I decided I didn’t want to be a journalist. Second, if it’s not main stream, you can’t reach a wider audience. People who will come to our film festival want to see these films. Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda, however, have big names and play in more theatres. I don’t think we should hate on other films – if they do what we’re also trying to achieve, then awesome. Right?

I think it makes sense. Anyway, back to work.


One Response to Got Your Sunglasses On Baby

  1. Jesse says:

    I didn’t see either of those movies, but I like film festivals!

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