With My Freezeray I Will Stop the World

I just saw a group of interns go by – it’s orientation day. I chuckled and thought to myself “None of them is as awesome as I am.”

How do I know that? Well, besides the fact that I just am, I’ve been thinking (as I’m sure they have as well): Why am I here? I think back to an episode of E.R. when Dr. Benton is interviewing new residents. He asks them “Why do you want to be a doctor?”, to which they all reply “I want to help people.” The point of the scene is that all doctors want the same thing, and while it’s all fine and dandy, it’s nothing special. I feel the same logic applies here – we all want to be involved with human rights to change the world, give a voice to the silent, help people, make the world a better place.

And though I want these things, I believe my reason, my main reason, is a bit more selfish. I want to work for Human Rights Watch (or just in the human rights community in general) because I believe it’s better than being a photojournalist. I don’t want to photograph these violations and events anymore. I want to research and network and communicate and do more than just photograph. It would be awesome if I could be a photographer for HRW or anyone else, but I think I’d rather make the phone calls.

Anyway, my supervisor just sent me something to do. Finally. And btw, you should come to the film festival.


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