Keep on Waitin’

I have come to realize a huge reason as to why I prefer the west coast to the east: we seem to be much less stubborn and more progressive. (all statements hereafter are with the exception of gay marriage. WTF CALIFORNIA)

First off, the dotcom boom. Didn’t happen in New York or Boston or D.C. or wherever else there are cities here. It happened in the bay. Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, HP, even Microsoft was founded in Washington state on the west coast. West coast doesn’t depend on old money – we make our money. We make our money because anyone who wants to make it had to invest everything they had in their start-ups, a term many east coasters don’t seem to know.

Second, while public transportation is most definitely more prominent and awesome on the east coast, we use cars, which means we have no limits. Trains can only go on the rails they were made for, and can only go from one end to another. In a car, you have control over your journey and destination. You can go on a freeway, surface street, back road, dirt road, the beach, anywhere, really. You don’t have to depend on anyone else’s schedule to get where you want to go.

And maybe it’s just because of the world I work in, but I feel like there’s nothing new or progressive happening in art, human rights, education, or anything really. People work to fit molds, to fit patterns they believe work because they have always worked. I see new organizations popping up everywhere, but I’ve never worked in one where I felt I was really seeing the progress. Don’t get me wrong, I love Human Rights Watch, but in the bay, I feel like I’m working with people who really feel the cause and want to make a change. While San Franciscans and Berkeleyans (sic?) usually don’t seem very bright or know what they’re really talking about, everyone else in the bay is usually pretty fucking smart.

Anyway, it was just another day in which I realized I love the west coast, despite it’s backwards issues with gay marriage. Fuck you, SoCal. You can suck my moderately liberal cock.


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