The oh-so amazing JesseJack made a to-do list for his summer – some things look fun, some things don’t. I want to make one too! I also have some time to kill before my belly dancing class. 🙂

1. Get over my ex. Not entirely practical, but it’s a start.
2. Work on my senior thesis. I think I’ll work on that more when I go home, since lighting is better, and the setting is more interesting. Plus I can’t find many places around here I would like to photograph.
3. Finish watching Battlestar Galactica.
4. Exercise. I’m hoping to make these belly dancing classes a regular thing that continue in the fall.
5. Figure out summer 2010 plans. I’m tired of waiting for people to decide whether they’re coming to South Africa. I’m buying tickets.
6. Plan a trip to Minnesota and back. I miss my AUC friends. And I want to take the trains.
7. Find a job?

More to come.


One Response to Shine

  1. JesseJack says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Also, I want to watch BSG more as well!

    Why would you ever go to Minnesota? Its death there.

    Get a bike to exercise and that way you can bike with me!

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