Today was a lovely day. I don’t find myself having relaxing days. Fabulous, adventurous, momentous, debaucherous – yes. But relaxing? Rarely. Even when a group of friends wants to go to Central Park, or simply gather to watch some T.V., it always seems to be an ordeal. But today was simple.

I woke up late, around 3:00. I watched the Brazil vs. USA soccer game (3-2). I received a text message from JesseJack inviting me to a BBQ his mother had. I showered. I took the train to his parents’ house. I ate good food with him, his girlfriend, and another friend. We went to JesseJack’s new apartment and drank some wine. I fell asleep for 20-30 minutes on his bed. We went back to his parents’ place and had gin & tonics with his folks. We went to Wo Hop. We got PMT. I came home.

In the city I’ve realized it’s hard to be simple. I’m sure it’s been said over and over, but everyone is fabulous. And while there’s nothing wrong with being fabulous (trust me, I know), I find it hard to experience relaxation and simplicity. Summer should never be difficult or complicated. It should be easy and natural. As I’m sure most of us know, summer is for children, and maybe we’re just at the transitional stage: we want summer to be ours, but we can’t help but notice the sad adulthood that will take it away soon enough.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all who made today fantastically simple, easy, and enjoyable.


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