Worthy of Survival

I’ve decided to make another list. This one is called “things I love about being home in the Bay Area”:

1. It smells good. I walked off the plane and it smelled like toast. I kid you not. And then when I got home, it smelled like trees and fresh air – something that is not too common in New York. In fact, nothing really smells like the Bay.
2. Pho restaurants. I have my favorite pho place on the Bowery, but I have yet to find a pho restaurant as awesome as the places here. At home, they’re not as rushed. And the restaurants are just more open and spacious. Same number of tables, but more spacious. It could be because there’s no space to expand in the city.
3. Avocados. I haven’t gone to Jeffrey’s yet, but I will. Oh…I will. And I will consume an avocado burger like it’s my job. And other fruits and vegetables, too. It’s all just better and fresher and juicier here.
4. La Victoria. Their orange sauce has crack in it. I know at least 5 people who would swear by that statement. It’s so tasty and so awesome and so addictive.
5. The water. It seems kind of weird, but I just filled a glass from the tap, and it tastes like nothing. Like air. Recently I’ve had the feeling that New York water is starting to get that chlorine flavor like in Egypt.
6. The weather and the beaches. It’s not #6 because I forgot or think it’s less important. It’s just really, really obvious that the weather and the beaches here are awesome.
7. Everything smells really good. See #1.
8. I love my family. Again, it’s not #8 because I forgot or think they’re less important. It’s just really, really obvious that they’re awesome.
9. In-N-Out burger. It’s tasty.
10. Everything smells fantastic. See #7.

There’s plenty more, but I’m tired. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I love being home, and if you get a chance, you should come here.

One Response to Worthy of Survival

  1. Jesse says:

    I concede that avocados in California are among the best I’ve had. If In-N-Out let me put avocado on their burger, I’d die a happy man. Come back to NYC!!!

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