If You Ever Change Your Mind

Thank you Tim Ryan and Rosa DeLauro for this beautiful bill.

So now, after my previous post, I’ve read this NYTimes article about politicians finding common ground regarding abortion. If these talks are true, and these promises are sincere, I think I’d be a bit more open-minded to universal health care. It makes me feel better to see our Congress folk work together to make the best health care reform possible. I mean, working together should naturally be part of the process, and I’m sure there’s plenty of dirty bargaining going on, but I really think this bill is a great step towards a comprehensive and accessible health care plan.

I appreciate the seemingly lack of abortion terms in the bill. The pro-choice supporters receive increased birth control options, and the anti-choice supporters receive increased adoption options. I love that abortion does not appear in the bill. It could be because abortion seems to be a sate-by-state issue. It could also be because our Congress folk understand that the abortion debate shouldn’t be about abortion and defining life. The abortion discussion should be about accessible and affordable options.

Limiting options should never appear to be the best choice. Bravo, Congressman Mr. Ryan, Congresswoman Ms. DeLauro, and all other Congress folk for writing this bill. You have restored some of my faith in our government. Now to convince people that abstinence education is, in fact, not the best idea…


2 Responses to If You Ever Change Your Mind

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