Prelude to War

JesseJack (who has just started Med school), a couple other friends, and I have been discussing the universal health care plan at hand. My biggest concern, as I’ve stated before, is women’s and reproductive health care. A friend asked if I was willing to sacrifice some health care for everyone in turn for repro care. At first I thought “Whoa. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad. Women have other health problems as well, and it’s not fair to the country to deny them all benefits. Plus, I guess we could fight that fight later.” But as I thought about it today, I realized that’s just stupid.

You’re damn right I wouldn’t support the health care plan if women’s and reproductive health care weren’t included. Some health problems aren’t preventable or predictable – cancer, lupis, lukemia, type I diabetes, Parkinson’s – and those should be covered. Some issues, however, can (to an extent) be prevented through education, such as some heart diseases and complications, type II diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Teen pregnancies can be reduced through proper sex education, rather than abstinence education. But when it comes down to the wire, women get pregnant. Women need to get pregnant to further our existence. Don’t you think that’s kind of important?

I cannot imagine why I would support a health care plan that didn’t provide women with as many affordable and accessible options as possible. The health care world is not anything I’m familiar with, nor am I familiar with the way Medicare and private insurance companies work. I know that the way health care works now doesn’t work well for everyone. I know that not all insurance companies cover forms of birth control or other women’s health issues. But for the government to disregard reproductive health care would still be a violation of human rights, and its sacrifice is not worth a “lesser” violation.

I’ve realized my biggest issue with universal health care is education. While health care covers the entire country, improving education would help dissolve some of the major health problems today. Let’s say it will take around 20 years to successfully develop and execute the health care plan. In those 20 years, imagine what could be done with education. I’m not saying that health care and education are mutually exclusive, but when it comes down to the budget, there will be sacrifices. It kills me to think that money is taken away from education that could help prevent the health problems covered by the health care plan.

I guess my point is that universal health care is not my battle. I don’t know enough about it, and so I choose to fight for education. I support a universal health care plan, but it has to provide options and access to women for reproductive health.


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