“School is very important. Your mama is right.”

I really can’t believe the TEA party protest really happened. But you know what? It goes to show that education needs to be a priority. I’ve yet to see a facetious video of a left-wing protest, but I’m sure they’re similar. Either way, this video illustrates our country’s dire need for better education and stronger values.

The population does not seem to understand how to read and/or process news and information. Maybe if the government stopped cutting funds to our education system, more people would understand why or how the government functions and operates the way it does.

The most difficult issue is promoting value in education. I want people to make informed choices. I want people to know as much as they possibly can in order to make the best decision and strongest arguments. At this point I don’t care whether people associate with Republicans or Democrats. Just give people the tools to think for themselves. (I do believe, however, that if education improves and options expand, people will become more moderate, but possibly lean towards a liberal approach to issues.)

And as for my own personal peeves with universal health care, just look at some of these people. Do you really want to keep these people alive as long as possible? I know, I know, health care is a universal human right, but come on. You agree with me a little bit, don’t you? As New Left Media illustrates, these people don’t always know what they’re fighting for or against. That’s not a health problem. That’s an education and accessible information problem.

So continue your fight for universal health care, but I, for one, will push the fight for education. But I’d like to see you convince me otherwise.

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