This is Where We Used to Live

For anyone who has questioned why I have very little faith in our government, here is your answer. The Senate Financial Committee voted against supporting a universal health care plan; instead, they decided to support abstinence-only sex education. WHAT THE FUCK is basically all I have to say.

Spare me your “Give Obama a chance, give it time” speech. I get it. Our generation has been conscious, really, of only one presidency, and a really horrible one at that. We’re jaded. I’m jaded. I get it. What you need to understand is that the government I’ve known has yet to prove to me they can make this into a country I love.

And as I’ve said before, I adore and appreciate this country. The fact that these ridiculously ignorant people can speak their mind is awe-striking. Every day I think about how grateful I am to be born in a country that, for the most part, gives me the right to exist as a human being. As a woman. As a half Asian, half Irish. As a photographer. As a daughter of a recently-realized lesbian. As an educated being. I am one of the luckiest people alive.

This government, however, still has not proven to me that they deserve my support. They won’t support universal health care, but they’ll support abstinence-only education. Fuck me. You’re damn right I don’t have much faith in this government.


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