That’s What She Thinks

I was talking with a friend the other day about politics, specifically the left vs. the right. At some point I said that I consider myself  a centrist, and my friend looked at me and said “You? You’re not a centrist. You work for a human rights organization. You’re definitely left.” I laughed but didn’t give it much thought.

But now I’ve been giving it some thought. That shouldn’t be the case. I’d say more often than not, if you asked someone if she thought human rights were important, she’d say yes. Everyone cares about human rights. It just seems that some care for certain human rights more than others. Just because someone believes in big government and social services, it doesn’t always mean she fights for human dignity.

And what about those “socially liberal but fiscally conservative” folks? Like my mom and my manfriend/boyfriend/person/thing? They’re both for human rights, but don’t believe the government is efficient. (That was my stance for a long time as well. Still is, but that’s another story…) Just because they don’t support the universal health care plan, it doesn’t mean they don’t believe everyone deserves affordable, quality health care.

Anyway, just some things I think are worth mentioning.


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