BSG Review: Resistance

Alright, next episode. And I’ll be putting my notes after the jump, just in case someone out there doesn’t want any spoilers. So spin up your FDL drives! (Because in order to jump…they have to spin up their FDL drives…and you’re going to…jump…to the rest of the entry…haha.)

**please note: none of it is edited, so pardon my language, grammar, and spelling errors.

Chief and Tigh. They face off. Neither of them are human, but they’re arguing over who has the strongest desire to be human and love for Adama. And Starbuck and Helo are so awesome. And our first glimpse into the future of D. and Apollo. Anders and Helos face off/meet for the first time and it’s so hott. So are we supposed to feel like the military is machine like, inhumane? Apollo is pretty handsome, too. I think Ellen is jealous of how much Saul loves Adama. And Chief is telling Boomer he’s not a cylon. She says there are eight cylons left in the fleet. She is number eight! Doc Cottle is also a badass. When they slowly zoom in on Tigh’s face, it’s so intense. It’s like his cylon/human side is tripping on itself. Also, I want to play Pyramid with Anders. My Anders. And then Adama wakes up with no warning and you see him and it’s the greatest feeling ever!
For those of you who don’t know, my manfriend/boyfriend/partner/person/thing’s name is Anders. So you may see me refer to him in my notes.

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