BSG Review: The Farm

I think The Farm is one of the episode that opens a can of worms that’s never really answered by the end. I still love the episode though. And in case you hadn’t already noticed, I write as I watch the show. So while the thought process may not seem linear, it makes sense as you watch the episode. Here we go!

Adama is like, the man. And Rosalyn seems like a crazy psycho on an ego trip. I feel like they weren’t sure where to take Apollo’s character. They wanted him to be political and righteous, but they didn’t know how to take him out of the military. Kara is always getting injured. And they use Anders on her in the hospital, say he died, to make her upset and make her cry. And she’s tough on cylons, but in the end we don’t know what she is. Adama and Chief have an interesting relationship. Adama questions the love they had for Boomer. Was it real? Will Chief see her again? Yes. Cylons. Both of them. Religious crap. And as stupid as Rosalyn’s instructions sound, Adama is a bit harsh. And then she doesn’t want to bless anyone. What the fuck. GOD Helo and Anders are hott. I want them both. Also, Grace Park/Athena is hott. And watching [Kara] realize she never told them her call sign, and that they’re cylons…awesome. It’s like a video game. There was never much explanation of the Farm. Then it’s like “Oh shit! Who the fuck is in the aircraft?!” And it’s Sharon! “Move like you have a purpose people! Let’s go go go go!” Seeing Adama cry is upsetting. Kara is special. She has a destiny. The cylons are fucked up. A Promise to Return is such a good song. Anders is so hott. And loving. And romantic. And handsome. It’s tough because you already love Apollo, and when you find out Kara loves him, it just kind of sucks.
What up.

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