BSG review: Home part 1

Sorry I’ve been behind. My birthday was last week, and then I had some important peoples to talk to and anyway, the point is, I’m back to not having a life. So here’s my next review.

It’s like, we have no idea that Rosalyn and Adama are totally and completely in love. They’re polar opposites right now. Oooh shit. Apollo totally went with Rosalyn just so he could save Starbuck. Shiiiiit! Starbuck is awesome. And they’re going to kiss!!! I love it. Apollo loves Starbuck. And the Helo/Apollo/Sharon/Starbuck moment is SO intense. And sexy. Oh fuck. She knows how to find the tomb of Athena, and then later her callsign is Athena. Adam fucking cracks walnuts with his hand. What a fucking badass. Dude. Adam takes this split so seriously. And Rosalyn is a total bitch to Sharon. Apollo is totally flirting with Starbuck, and he has no idea she loves Ander. And he said it! He said he loves her, and she realizes she loves him too. Oh shit, and Sharon just saved your ass, Apollo. A-mazing. And Adama totally loves Apollo and Starbuck, and he has no idea where ither of them are, and he’s confiding in D., his future daughter-in-law! And where’s Billy? And Adama, single-handedly, puts the fleet back together, just like we all wanted!
oh Adama. I have such mixed feelings for all you do.

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