Our Common Goal

I’ve read a few articles on the SpouseBUZZ blog about military partner life, and this article about families being “whiners” really caught my eye. (And this article about a family forced to leave their home the moment the husband deployed, but that’s for another post.) One of the main points she touches on is the fact that so many people in this country seem removed from war. And this is why I believe the Wikileak was so important. For some reason, we all stopped being angry about the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. And by “we” I mean the civilian population.

We stopped caring about the war for multiple reasons. First, America has a short attention span. We go through news and scandals like Ted Mosby seems to go through women. We can’t commit ourselves to anything because we get bored so easily. Which leads me to my second point: we got tired of the news and the images. I certainly got sick of it all because I felt like I wasn’t learning anything new. I also knew it was a bad idea, and I had little interest in following a war I didn’t support. And I know lots of people didn’t think the Wikileak was important.

People complained that it didn’t tell us anything new (except for the information about Pakistan). But for people like me, I didn’t know jack shit about the war. I was angry again. I felt like I was reminded that something really terrible happened to me and I suppressed the memory of the event. Except this time, it wasn’t a really terrible event – it was a war. And it wasn’t just me – it was the whole country. We’re at fucking war. Why the fuck aren’t people still angry about this? We’ve taken combat troops out of Iraq, but we have, by no means, finished rebuilding the country. And we’re still in Afghanistan, and who the fuck knows if/when we’ll ever leave.

I think my biggest problem with the military blogs and posts I’ve read is that they seem to preach to the choir. I could be entirely wrong, but I get the sense that the people who read these blogs are fellow military partners and family members. These issues need to be known by the rest of the population, and I look forward to figuring out how to make it all known…hopefully in my photo project. 🙂

I’m not saying the answers to these issues are clear, and I will be first to admit I don’t have any solutions. But as a community, and as friends, we all need to work together to figure it out.

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