BSG review: Home part 2

OK, I’ve discovered some really great things since I’ve been cleaning out my room. I really need to post some poetry and short stories I wrote when I was in high school. It’s all just kind of ridiculous. Anyway, as promised, I will continue with my reviews of BSG episodes. I have all my reviews written down, I just haven’t had time to post them.

You know, The Plan never addressed what the Plan was. Also, what a cool opening sequence. Music and montage. Different from how they have been opening. And where’d they get ponchos from? Adama is going to save Rosalyn! Yay! They’re so cute together. Yo. Remember that time they find Earth? Also! Gates of Hera. Like the name of her daughter. What up. Oh Baltar. And Billy’s back! Yay! Oh man. And that time Rosalyn and Adama smoke pot? Sharon is creepy when she recalls Boomer’s memory. Helo is silly. Here’s the scene…I’m not crazy! Bahahaha. Oh Shit! Epic hug time! Oh fuck. Yeaaaaah. Epic hug. Epic reunion of everyone. One love!!! Oh shit! He tries to kill Sharon! Definitely forgot that. Aw, Adama and Rosalyn are so cute in their little tent. Oh man. Chief and Sharon and Helo = awkward. Like, waaay awkward. Oh my god. Sharon. You are a thing! You aren’t human. She’s creepy. But she’s also a badass, so…I guess it’s ok. What up! Sharon just put the old man in his place. Oh my god. Apollo is so sexy when he talks to Starbuck. I wonder what astrology signs the producers are. And I forgot about them being transported! The map to Earth! And Starbuck knows they’re standing on Earth! Starbuck is the shit! And she knows, man, she knows! What an awesome episode. Love it. And dude. there was so much chaos in the episodes before. And why did Adama start a slow clap? That seemed silly, but at least things are sort of back to normal.
I feel like this is the episode that makes everyone feel better. This is the episode that the audience finishes watching and says “Yup. That’s why we watch this show. I feel better now.”


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