Let’s Make It Work Tonight

So after being here for two weeks and only blogging once, I’ve been thinking “Ok, what will I blog about next?” I feel like since I write about my food experiences on my Cooking with Class blog, I have to write about other experiences here. But for anyone who knows me, I love food, and food is just a big part of my life. But I finally have a story.

Yesterday I was working at Arden’s Garden in Little 5 Points, making smoothies and juice like I know. A guy walks in looking a bit groggy and asks for a smoothie. A second guy walks in, also asking for a smoothie, and they start chatting it up. The first guy says he just woke up from a long bus ride and needs some energy. He and his band are playing at Variety Playhouse. The second guy asks where he’s from, and he says Montreal. Then he asks what the bands name is – the first guy says “Stars.”

I have been listening to them since I started college. They were the band I listened to when I was going through my break-up with my first ex. They’ve been my soundtrack for the darkroom when I’m developing and printing. “You’re…Stars…you’re in Stars?” I kind of fan-girled for a second while preparing smoothies, but I didn’t really care. He offered to put me and a +1 on their list. After he left I was still shaking for about 10 minutes because I was so excited. I brought my roommate and we went to the concert. And in addition to how amazing they were live (2 1/2 hours!) and that they played all my favorite songs, they were throwing roses out to the audience, and I got one.

So other than to make you jealous, the point of my story is that Atlanta is pretty amazing, and the Little 5 Points community is the best. I lived in NYC for 4 years and I never did something like this. (Though my friend Becky and my ex-roommate snuck into Fashion Week during season 3 of Project Runway. Again, though, not me.) I’ve been living here for 2 1/2 weeks and I’ve found a job, met a star (or “Star”…get it?), went to an awesome show, and…I found Turnin’ TriXXX, a funky, burlesque-ish baton twirling group. We’ll be performing in the L5P Halloween Parade, which is kind of a big deal.

But back to my point, L5P is a place where everyone knows everyone. My first two days in the AG store, people would walk in and say “You’re new here,” and then proceed to introduce themselves to me. My co-workers were always waving to people walking by and smiling (I’m just guessing it’s because they knew those people). When I went to the Stars concert, I saw people I had served smoothies to earlier. And even if we don’t know each other, people are happy to talk and share their lives. I’m really happy to be here, and to be part of this community. So that’s what’s up.

update: my manfriend wanted me to include that that +1 was supposed to be for him. I told Torq from Stars that I had just moved to Atlanta because my boyfriend was in the military and would be posted to Fort Benning in January. He said “I’ll put you down with a +1 for your boyfriend.” Not a significant part of the story I think, but there it is.


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