Everything Is Never As It Seems

My roommate’s friend stayed with us for these past couple of days. She grew up around Philadelphia, lived in San Francisco, and now she’s traveling around the world until she decides what to do next. She’s got a camping backpack and a couple other bags and that’s it.

It used to be a lifestyle I wanted to pursue, partially because my ex-boyfriend was similar: he grew up in DC, and before attending NYU, he lived in San Francisco for a year and traveled a bit. I wanted that hippie, bohemian, nomadic lifestyle. I wanted to travel around the world and meet random people and make art and live a colorful life, like Auntie Mame (which I watched last night).

There are a lot of choices I’ve made that led me away from that dream. I left NYC. I left the Bay Area. I walked away from some amazing job opportunities and comfortable lifestyles, and for what? To follow an Army boy? To have a job completely unrelated to art? To live nowhere near my family?

Oddly enough, it was all for love. I moved to Atlanta with nothing but my savings account. I knew no one, I had no job, no connections, nothing. I just moved here because I’m 22 and in love. It’s certainly not what I dreamed of doing, and it’s not what I thought I wanted to do, but here I am. And life is good when you have love. Except for when it lives 400 miles away.


3 Responses to Everything Is Never As It Seems

  1. UzoA says:

    Life is certainly GOOD when one has love in it 🙂

    I used to have dreams of being a normad too. Traveling, meeting people, building friendships, learning about different cultures, and eating great FOOD. Unlike you ( and unfortunately so), it wasn’t love that changed my priorities:(

    Not to worry, I believe we will still get to travel. It might not be under the circumstances we had initially dreamt up – but it would still ROCK!

  2. JesseJack says:

    “I wanted that hippie, bohemian, nomadic lifestyle. I wanted to travel around the world and meet random people and make art and live a colorful life”

    As fun as that might sound, I think that it is ultimately a very vapid and non-productive life. I think you have too much to offer to waste your time being a hippie. This country has too many young people who already do things like that, without any thought of what it truly means to be a citizen. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s a big pet peeve of mine when I hear people brag about how all they do is what you described above. I think you’re better than that. To me, life isn’t about all the cool places you can go, it’s about what you can give back to a world that has been so generous to us. That said, of course it is important to travel and attempt to understand the different ways in which people live. Also vote a lot. 😀

    Also, I’m glad that you’ve found love but please be aware that the hug that Anders and I shared was both sensual and eerily erotic. Please don’t ask and in return, I won’t tell.


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