Everything is So Wrong

Hi. I have to talk about the Occupy Wall Street protests. I didn’t want to because I don’t want to give them any more attention, but I just have to.

First, I want to post an image of what the latest headlines are for BBC (the international news source I respect and go to):

oh look! Kim Jong-Il's grandson has a Facebook! That's big news.

I scrolled down a little just to make sure:

Looks like pale people need to spend more time in the sun.

Do you see Wall Street protests anywhere in there? In case you can’t read the screenshot, the answer is no. They’re somewhere on the website, yes, but it’s certainly not as newsworthy as, say, the protests in Syria or apparently the announcement of the iPhone 5. (This, I’m sure, is another reason OWS is against the corporatocracy, which they all tweet on their iPhones.) Nowhere on the website says what they want to achieve, no goals listed, no demands. There are some supporters who have suggested demands, but the organization will not ask for anything. If you have no end goal, then what the fuck are you doing?

Before I really get started, I wanted to address the idea that this is has been compared to the events taking place in the Middle East, specifically Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. Sure, if you really want to make the argument, our democracy has become a bit of a corporatocracy. But do you know what was going on in Egypt? Mubarak had been in power for 30 years, assuming power after Sadat was assassinated. The disparity between the rich 1% in Egypt versus the other 99% is that the 99% in Egypt lives on less than the 99% here in the US. Up until January 25, people were afraid to say anything against Mubarak and the government. Here we constantly hear, see, and read a variety of opinions about our government on every media platform possible. And haven’t you noticed that there’s been absolutely no media allowed to cover the Syrian protests for months? Do not compare the occupation of Wall street to the revolutions in the Middle East.

My first suggestion: take all your money out of the major banks – Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo – and invest with smaller community banks and credit unions. How many people “occupying” these cities have accounts with these banks? You really want to bring down the corporatocracy? Stop feeding it money. In case you haven’t noticed, this is something I’ve been preaching for a very, very long time. I’ll address you more directly: Dear Occupy Wall Street, please march to the nearest BofA, Chase, and/or Wells Fargo, and have everyone close their accounts with these banks.

Also, why is it that they’re so willing to accept donated food? If the occupiers want to fight the system, why not buy food from smaller restaurants in the area? Even from NYC chains? Why ask people to buy you food and send it to you? Most likely people will buy you cheap food, which is processed by the big chains. And furthermore, why aren’t you personally stimulating the economy? If you want to change the system, why not do it with your dollar? Clearly you do not understand the language of corporatocracy.

I think one of the best illustrations of what I’m trying to tell you is this documentary Beer Wars. 95% of the beer industry is dominated by the 3 major corporations: Coors, Miller, and Anheuser-Busch. Even the precious “working class” Pabst Blue Ribbon is owned by Miller. The film is all about being an informed consumer. So what are you doing on Wall street? Are you telling people how to invest their money? Are you informing them of the power of their dollar? No. You’re camping out on the streets and not contributing to the economy.

Do something productive, or is that too square for you?

UPDATE 10/5/11: I’ve been proven wrong. BBC thinks that the Wall Street march is almost as important as Steve Jobs’s death.

there it is.


2 Responses to Everything is So Wrong

  1. dots says:

    LOVE beer wars. seriously that movie is inspirational. and I love this post – I’m totally with you Ster. this occupy wall st protest can be qualified as “barely more than apathetic.” if only more people were ready to cut their corporate ties and play the game that corporate America is playing – vote with your money!

    that being said.. it may be disorganized and half assed now and no one really has answers. but it’s a lot more criticism of our country than we have seen in a long time! civil disobedience is much more difficult in a country that seems to want to make you happy and protect you. the injustices that are apparent in Egypt and Libya (censorship, corruption) are not as easily found in America. I say found, because I don’t know whether they don’t exist or whether they are just well hidden. don’t assume that just because things are not on the news that they’re not news worthy. http://www.baycitizen.org/blogs/citizen/99-percent-occupy-new-york-and-san-1/

    in the end, I support it because I support people, average people of America who have been affected by the rampant waste and destruction of the corporatocracy. awareness is a slow process on the country scale, but we’re moving in the right direction.

    • Sterling says:

      yeah, awareness is cool, but i feel like that’s a trend of the past. maybe it’s because i was into it in high school and college and that changed for me. it’s great that people are talking about the concept of a corporatocracy, but it anyone truly trying to take action? that’s what really bothers me about it. i used to feel like protests and demonstrations were really important to creating change. i definitely believe it’s an important and valuable right that we have, but i guess i got over that phase of my hippie life.

      and i agree – there are LOTS of things that don’t make the news that are certainly newsworthy. my point was that i believe it’s wrong for them to compare themselves to the protests in the middle east because those are indeed a much bigger deal. things like that rock the entire country, and i don’t get the feeling that the “occupations” are really making change here.

      by the way, i read Confessions of an Economic Hitman a month or two ago. looooved it!

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