If You Ever Thought My Reasons for Disliking Macs Wasn’t Justified…

December 26, 2009

Hope you had a great holiday. Most likely you got a gift or two, and there’s also a good chance one of your gifts may have been an Apple product. My dad got me an iTunes gift card. It was sweet, but I have a problem with it. Not a moral or ethical problem. A legitimate this won’t work problem.

iTunes kept bugging me to download the new version, and I kept putting it off. Eventually I decided “Fine. I’ll download you, even though you probably aren’t much different from the version I have now.” Boy, was I wrong. After it installed, a message popped up to say that I can’t use the new iTunes store because I don’t have the new version of Safari. So I clicked the little link to download the new Safari, and then another error message popped up to say that I couldn’t download the new version of Safari because I don’t have the new OS leopard.

Why the FUCK would Apple have me download the new version of iTunes and NOT write a simple program to detect my platform BEFORE I download the new iTunes? It didn’t even have a disclaimer to say that I would need Leopard in order to use the iTunes store. You’re just asking me to torrent music, Apple. It’s not a difficult problem to solve. If your software can tell me I don’t have the write operating system, you can easily write a program that can figure that out before I download it. Don’t be such a fucking dumbass and write a fucking program that can determine a computer’s platform before installing your software. Idiots.