How I Met Your Mother: stream of conciousness in the hours following the series finale

March 31, 2014

Did you not love UP? A story that ultimately was about a perfect love that was had, passed, but then one half was encouraged to continue living life, because you can’t possibly only love one person or thing in your life? Because life is full of adventures, and you’re allowed to have more than one, and someone who really, truly, purely loves you will want that for you. Sorry that’s not romantic enough?

This show is certainly hopelessly romantic, yet so grounded in reality.

What kind of expectations did you have of the finale? We had already met the mother. We already knew they’d be perfect together. For example, I knew, from the moment I started watching Breaking Bad, that Walter White had to die. I didn’t care or know how, but I knew he had to die. That was the only expectation I had of the series finale.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has been less predictable than that (not that I didn’t enjoy Breaking Bad, or wasn’t surprised by numerous events).

The show has always been about Robyn. Everyone may’ve realized it at different times. I knew it was about Robyn at the end of the eighth season. I knew that the story of how Ted met the mother was completely based on his relationship with Robyn. As annoying as the ups and downs had been, his absolute lowest of aloneness and despair was Robyn’s wedding – where he meets the mother of his children.

People leave us when we’re not finished loving them. It’s just a fact. It’s not one we usually talk about or see in such a light-hearted sitcom (though they beautifully and perfectly touched on it with Marshall’s dad). Yes, we’d all like to think that life can’t or doesn’t continue after our soulmate passes on. Titanic happened to be on AMC a couple hours before the HIMYM finale. Wasn’t it bittersweet that she lived her life to the fullest?

Yes, it burns to think that Ted had always been in love with Robyn, even when he was with the mother. First, this show has never been about being perfect. It’s been a constant struggle to find perfection, but realizing that your idea of perfection will always be unattainable. Life gets in the way, and you better fucking enjoy it. Second, you have to keep in mind that a) 6 years have passed since the mother died; and b) Ted has happily lived his life outside of the story we’ve been told. As his kids, so to speak, we know everything that happened after Ted met the mother, and I for one like to think it was everything Ted imagined his life with his future wife would be.

As it was pointed out by the mother, Ted has been living in his stories. This show cannot be so simplified to how he met the mother. This show has been about his transformation to becoming the man who met the mother. It’s about ALL of the people he’s loved.

Don’t you think he was happy with Tracy while they were married? He may have pined for Robyn every now and then, but can you blame him after everything we know about their relationship?

The scene with the yellow umbrella was all I could’ve expected and wished of the series finale. I didn’t know it, but it’s exactly how I expected and wanted Ted to meet Tracy. That’s really all I could’ve asked for I guess.

All in all, an emotional roller coaster. One that I will probably ride over and over, and come to different conclusions every time.

AND ANOTHER THING: love is all we have, right? It doesn’t have to make sense, right? And didn’t the mother have to move on from the love of her life before meeting Ted?

I think a lot of people expected a marvelous, explosively romantic ending to the show, when in fact we had already MET the mother at the end of season 8 and throughout season 9. I’m not sure what people expected from the series finale in that sense, though I haven’t yet taken the time or built the emotional reserve to read other analyses and blogs.

AND YET ANOTHER THING: This article by Megan Garber starts to articulate how I feel about the series finale. As everyone continues to point out, YES, THE SHOW IS CALLED HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. And you know what? We met her. What more do you want? What more did you expect?

Wasted on Fixing All the Problems

November 7, 2011

I’ve been thinking recently (as it usually happens before I write a post) about Battlestar Galactica. I love BSG. I also love my manfriend (as you all already know). I also love the earth. I also love studying human rights. I also have mixed feelings about the army. So I’ve been wondering: can a true hippie really love Battlestar Galactica? (beware: spoiler alerts after the jump.)

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All Through the Daylight

October 13, 2010

After watching the most recent How I Met Your Mother, and after glancing over this article, I wonder for the first time since arriving in Atlanta: do I miss New York City?

I certainly get a knot in my stomach, thinking about all the things that could’ve been if I had stayed. I’d see my old friends. I’d be there for the great things. I’d explore new worlds. I’d experience things that just don’t exist anywhere else. But at the same time, I feel like Atlanta has embraced me in a way New York never would. It’s easy to be alone in NYC, and I liked that for a while. But here, I’m clearly part of a community. I feel important even to the people I don’t know. I see people on the street and think, “You and I may not know each other or be friends today, but we will be soon.”

I enjoy feeling like I’m part of something. As much as I found a place for myself in New York, I felt so incredibly lost. I had loved NYC so hard, and I couldn’t see a difference between what I wanted and what the City seemed to demand of me. I loved feeling like I was a small yet integral part of NYC. But eventually I lost that feeling and I changed. I’ll continue to change, and if I ever want to return, NYC will be there, but for now, Atlanta is home.

BSG review: Home part 2

September 7, 2010

OK, I’ve discovered some really great things since I’ve been cleaning out my room. I really need to post some poetry and short stories I wrote when I was in high school. It’s all just kind of ridiculous. Anyway, as promised, I will continue with my reviews of BSG episodes. I have all my reviews written down, I just haven’t had time to post them.

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BSG review: Home part 1

August 19, 2010

Sorry I’ve been behind. My birthday was last week, and then I had some important peoples to talk to and anyway, the point is, I’m back to not having a life. So here’s my next review.

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BSG Review: The Farm

August 8, 2010

I think The Farm is one of the episode that opens a can of worms that’s never really answered by the end. I still love the episode though. And in case you hadn’t already noticed, I write as I watch the show. So while the thought process may not seem linear, it makes sense as you watch the episode. Here we go!

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BSG Review: Resistance

August 6, 2010

Alright, next episode. And I’ll be putting my notes after the jump, just in case someone out there doesn’t want any spoilers. So spin up your FDL drives! (Because in order to jump…they have to spin up their FDL drives…and you’re going to…jump…to the rest of the entry…haha.)

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BSG Review: Fragged

August 5, 2010

Last summer my friends and I watched all of the Battlestar Galactica re-imagined series within a month. I was talking to a friend about it the other day: BSG took over our lives, it was all we talked about, it was what we lived for. And it ended so suddenly. It’s only 4 seasons, but we’d watch 3 or 4 episodes a night. So I’ve decided to re-watch the entire series, one episode a night.

A couple days ago I was feeling especially inspired, and I wrote down everything the episode made me feel, things I realized, and just my overall analysis of the show’s structure. I did the same thing last night, and I thought “Hmm. Maybe I should actually do something with these notes to make me feel productive.” So that’s what I’ll be doing. Taking my notes, and then posting them here. I’m starting with season 2, episode 3: “Fragged.”

**please note: none of it is edited, so pardon my language, grammar and spelling errors.

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Short Things

June 12, 2010

A short list of things I don’t want to forget and may explain later.

1. Talking about Buffy makes me want to re-watch Battlestar Galactica.

2. I’m angry that there are people in the world who are anti-choice, and make it their lives’ mission deceiving women for no one’s benefit.

3. The BSG soundtrack is so good.

4. If it weren’t for art, science wouldn’t know how to think outside the box.

False Alarm

May 16, 2010

Short. Sweet. Let me get to the point.

I’ve been watching a lot of Hey Arnold! recently, and I’ve realized that the show was almost too smart for kids. For its time. A color-penciled animation about a bunch of 4th graders listening to jazz, hanging out in Brooklyn, believing in the power of radio, reciting Shakespeare, and writing not-half-bad love poems…it’s just too good.

My only question is: who’s in charge of the music? Is it Jim Lang?